• Helping to tackle anti-social behaviour through fighting for the provision of local amenities.
  • As a teacher I recognise the importance of supporting our schools and maintaining adequate education provision.   
  • To tackle the disconnect between local and national politics.
  • To engage people in a new spirit of community activism.
  • To help in the rejuvenation of Fianna Fáil, helping to ensure that the party return to its roots.
  • As the Local Area Representative for Glanmire/Little Island/Glounthaune I am in a position to get things done locally when required and I have access to people at County Council level via the office of Billy Kelleher T.D. and Councillor Dan Fleming.
  • I aim to provide real representation for local sport and community organisations, local youth groups and ultimately my intention is to provide representation for young people in our constituency.
  • I have witnessed first-hand the lack of opportunity, increasing fees, cutbacks in services, and the lack of jobs and facilities locally. Yet instead of creating opportunities for our youth this government seem to encourage the mass exodus of Ireland's best and brightest to the extent where emigration is seemingly pursued as policy.
  • I disagree with many political commentators who state that Ireland's young are disaffected with politics. There is an interest and there is a desire for change. Frequently the media indicate that 18-26 year olds are the lowest voting age bracket in this country. They are correct. This needs to change, and change fast, for until it does young people will continue to be the victims of this administration, and will continue to see what little entitlements they have eroded away cut after cut.
  • Now is the time to take a stand and signal our desire for better government and for better public representatives. 
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